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MY TRUTH: Call Nana Irene, that’s what we did!

Nana Irene
Nana Irene

To know Nana Irene Morehead was to love her.

Nana, for Africans and African Americans, is not a name we bestow upon just anyone. The person is someone who we have the utmost respect for, and across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, that person is Nana Irene.

I met Nana Irene, along with her son and two granddaughters in the early 1990s and I loved her immediately and immensely.

She became family.

She was the epitome of all things noble.


When you put the word “Nana” into the search bar, Nana Irene’s photo should pop up!

She had those strong values and beliefs that commanded respect and demanded accountability and excellence.

Your word had to be your bond and she would extend all graces your way.

When Nana arrived in Dallas, from the East Coast, she immediately became engaged, involved and embedded into the “community,”

If you needed a kind or encouraging word, you’d call Nana Irene.


If you needed a reality check, you’d call Nana Irene.

If you needed a nurse, babysitter, cook, chauffeur, sounding board, stylist, seam-stress, or even a whipping; you could always call Nana Irene.

She was always there and because of the work she has done, the life she has lived; she will live in the hearts and minds of so many; forever!

It was an emotional moment when word circulated about her transition this past weekend.

After all, this was Nana, Nana Irene; the person we could always count on to spread love and we know the world especially now, could use more love!


While we are preparing to celebrate the life of Nana Irene, we can take solace in celebrating a life well lived.

And even after those who knew her are long gone, because she has planted so many seeds and been responsible for pouring so much positivity into the universe that her legacy is definitely intact.

Nana Irene was a Warrior. In the true sense.

She did join protestors on the picket line; speaking out about everything from police brutality and unfair treatment by the media to unfair hiring, firing and retention practices; and racism.

Nana Irene loved life and she loved people.


Whether she was cooking a meal, preparing an outfit or braiding your hair, she seized the opportunity to pour love into others.

Which brings me to my truth.

Is the world a better place because you walked this earth? Were people as happy to see you coming as they were to see you leaving? Did you use your gifts abundantly or selfishly?

Nana Irene put a smile on the face of many.

She filled a room with joy and love.

What a legacy!

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