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Hicks autographs A Shadowed Past

Photos and Briefs by Marva J. Sneed

Book Signing
A Shadowed Past Book Signing Author Dr. Sherry Hicks
Dr. Sherry Hicks and Anthony
Book siging Author Dr. Sherry Hicks and Anthony Whitehead

Best selling author Dr. Sherry Hicks was the main feature at a booksigning
at Pan African Connection, this weekend. Dr. Hicks’ poetry book “A Shadowed Past” is the result of poems she kept in her journal about her “personal dysfunctional experiences in her life.” You can purchase “A Shadowed Past,” at the Pan African Connection Bookstore and Resource Center, 4466 S. Marsalis Ave., Dallas and on Follow her on Facebook @SherryHicks, Twitter @shickskehspartn.

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