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Big Mama Said: Big Mama Said Pour into Others Selflessly and God Will Make Sure Your Cup is Full

I told you many times over, if Lucille “Big Mama” Allen was alive in this digital season, then her playbook would be a TikTok sensation, trending every week and a top tier influencer.

Her lesson for me today is Pour into others without a hidden agenda and God will do the rest. Lucille “Big Mama’s Allen said pour into others selflessly and God will make sure your cup is full.

Big Mama’s meant it is God who uses our weakest times, the times when we need Him most, to minister to others. In order to be willing vessels, we don’t need to fill up our cups first.

Big Mama knew the Bible showed here a very clear example of this wisdom. The Apostle Paul, author of a huge portion of the New Testament, gave Big Mama this rule:

“I am already being poured out as a drink offering…” (2 Timothy 4:6). The key is in the “drink offering.”

Paul was referring to a sacrificial offering, well known to the Jews. His journey was an ongoing sacrifice. He was imprisoned, beaten, abandoned…and he still poured himself out as an offering.

Throughout his ministry, Paul faced pushback and hardship.

And yet he delivered and left so many of the great scriptures that have instructed and encouraged today’s faith filled communities for over 2000 years.

As leadership servants we often put ourselves last. But Big Mama said, “Pouring into others will not break my soul.” She spoke, “Give all you got and God will then pour into me.” Lucille “Big Mama” Allen wanted me to know you are asked to share the
Gospel and be a servant. I understand and I acted in kind.

With the loss of my former employment, in the midst of pivot, and without a leadership tag and under visible opposition, I charged forward. I made sure that those members of my tribe had the dialogue, presence and tools to grow and sustain my industry. That campaign came with pushback and opposition, but I had no personal agenda. I succeeded in creating a platform that gave six professional developments offering in DEI, AI, Job transition, crisis communications, disinformation, mentoring, and best practices.

Guess what, God did the rest! My tribe brought forth their tribe and their tribe brought forth the data, tips and the networks to create change that lifted others up! The tribe created standing room only events.

In this new post-George Floyd moment we have created so-called DEI moments in corporate America and the DEI warriors are sometimes disconnected from those who have “skin in the game.”

I have had many conversations with multiple veteran and crucial community leaders and organizations that are giving at all times during an attack on their livelihood yet they said God has filled their cup.

Big Mama’s investment in me has inspired me to invest in others. I rarely refuse to spend time with those who may need some guidance or encouragement, although I have nothing obvious to gain.

I maintain healthy boundaries fueled by helping others. Try it!

BIG Mama is dancing in the clouds of heaven right now as her cup is full!

Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media. Reach him at
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Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media. Reach him at


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