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KICKIN’ IT WITH KENDALL GAYLE: Young Doesn’t Equal Energy

By Kendall Gayle Washington

Photo credit: Maya Palavali

You are setting up Christmas decorations with your family, and your parents ask you to help with a heavy box.

“If I can lift it, I know you can,” they say.

Well sometimes we simply just cannot. Our bodies give out and we lack the energy needed to complete simple task.

One of the hardest things about life is figuring it out. Along with going to school for eight hours a day, extracurricular activities and homework, we are supposed to know our life’s purpose. It’s obvious we do not have the energy to figure out where our life is going, so now the goal is to achieve that said energy.

In all honesty, I haven’t even accumulated enough energy. But here is what I’ve learned.

I noticed I started focusing on school more after cheer and tennis were over. School is something I personally enjoy, so it was easy for me to get caught in it, but it was not healthy.

Just like our bodies, our brains can give out. My schoolwork was being completed, but I was extremely exhausted and noticed a pattern of laziness in my routine. After talking to my mom, I realized because I was focused solely on one thing, I began to lose who I was.

Here’s my advice. If you suddenly feel you are lacking energy, break apart your daily routine.

Find what is not working for you and see how you can improve. A simple self-assessment is the best medicine for a boost of energy.

I know what I love and what makes me happy, so I made time. When I came home from school, I took a break from everything.

When school ends, it is easy to lose your routine and just do nothing all day. Doing nothing produces no energy, so stay active. I started Pilates, and although I’m the youngest in my class, it feels good to challenge myself.

Producing the energy your body needs is all about figuring out who you are.

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