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Gemini Rights appeals to heartbreak while keeping energy alive

By Angelina Liu
Entertainment Editor

Photo Credit: Complex

The indie bedroom pop meets R&B album Gemini Rights, by singer Steve Lacy describes the epitome of heartbreak. The struggles of codependency and discontentment in relationships are highlighted throughout the 10 tracks, accompanied with yearning guitar strings and upbeat synths.

This album encapsulates the fun, fresh feeling of summer, almost tricking the listener into thinking it’s just that. However, upon listening closely to the lyrics, one can understand the album is based on the many intricacies of tender heartbreak.

Gemini Rights is Lacy’s second studio album, following his 2019 debut Apollo XXI.

Working with artists such as Solange and contributing to popular albums such as Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., Lacy is a well-known, sought-after producer in the industry.

Surprisingly, most of the beats created for these artists were produced on Lacy’s iPhone or laptop, which is seemingly impossible for upbeat, complex harmonies and synths. However, Gemini Rights was completed with co-writers and producers under Lacy’s leadership, according to the Rolling Stone.

Gemini Rights makes use of funky bass lines, melodic humming and wistful lyrics to capture the carefree vibes of summer, while still reminding the listener of the many nuances of young love.

With the release of the lead single, Bad Habit, the success of the album was already predetermined. With over 70 thousand videos using the sound, the song was a hit on TikTok and continues to rise on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the tracks Buttons, Amber and Give You the World, Lacy utilizes retro synths, drums and pining vocals to create a retro vibe. The lyrics, “I can’t help but see your face/That look in your eye lets me know I’m mesmerized/I wish I wish I never met you no” in Amber and, “Hey, I feel in love with you/I don’t know where I am” in Buttons convey Lacy’s ultimate resentment towards his former lover.

In Cody Freestyle, the heavy bass is layered with Lacy’s airy voice, categorizing it more toward the hip-hop genre, while still retaining the retro vibe. Lacy sings Sometimes, “I feel the weight of codependency/I don’t deserve the blame/I just don’t feel the same/The feelings I attained/They trickle down the drain” delivers the message of frustration in regard to love that ties in every song on the album.

Gemini Rights represents the disappointments that come with falling in and out of love. Although the lyrics may not relate to everyone, the catchy beats and diversity of music in each song is sure to grasp the listeners’ attention.

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