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DALLAS DISTRICT 4: Food trucks receive a green light, Plus – A special announcement:

Food Trunk
Food Trucks

By Carolyn King Arnold

Great food, good prices, an excellent time to try something new and convenient ; Those are some of the things people say about mobile street food vendors-Food Trucks.

The council members (unanimously) approved the rewriting of the code governing food trailers, trucks, and carts.

In months to come, Kiest Park will be programmed with more family fun events for all. The City Council approved this Food Truck Pilot program for Kiest Park which reduces some of the red tape that is normally required for truck vendors to be on site for events.

Special programming of events in the heart of our community will be a major plus for our premier park.

Interested Truck and Cart vendors can contact the D4 Staff at (214) 670-0780. Volunteers for the upcoming events can also reach out to the D4 staff for my details
on planned events.

Kiest Park, located at 2324 West Kiest truly a family-friendly destination stop, surrounded by trees, a creek, and a nature trail. It features a championship softball complex, auxiliary soft-ball fields, a baseball field, a soccer complex, sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, a recreation center and now an experimental mobile-food-vendor park.

Kiest Park
Kiest Park

Special Announcement :

Effective last Wednesday I received a council seat upgrade to Mayor ProTem. The Mayor Pro Tem acts as Mayor in the absence of the Mayor and shall have the same duties and powers as the Mayor when doing so.

My appreciation to my colleagues for placing their confidence in me to lead from this position. My pledge remains to District 4 constituents and the City of Dallas residents to make this a place we can all be proud of.

Together we will transform today’s District 4 into a thriving district where jobs, community pride, respectable affordable housing and the essentials of quality of life are commonplace for all residents.

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