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T-Pain dissed Deep Ellum as unsafe, now he wants to party there anyway

Bottled Blonde is nearly a mile from the Factory, where T-Pain originally scheduled his tour stop then moved it, citing safety concerns.

Deep Ellum bar
A northwest Deep Ellum bar is promoting T-Pain’s after-concert party for Friday night. T-Pain is scheduled to perform at Texas Trust CU Theater in Grand Prairie, where he moved the concert after concerns about violence in Deep Ellum.(Jason DeCrow / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

By Tommy Cummings

T-Pain cited safety concerns for moving his concert from Deep Ellum to Grand Prairie last month, but now a Deep Ellum bar is promoting the rapper’s after-party appearance for Friday.

Bottled Blonde posted on Facebook and Instagram late Monday that it is taking reservations for a concert after-party hosted by T-Pain.

Bottled Blonde is nearly a mile from the Factory — where T-Pain originally scheduled his The Road To Wiscansin Tour stop — on North Good Latimer Expressway on Deep Ellum’s northwest fringe.

After T-Pain scheduled his stop at the Factory, he reviewed lagging ticket sales and lashed out at Dallas on social media on April 17.


The exchange drew in Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, who responded via Twitter saying T-Pain didn’t need to move the show from Deep Ellum, citing crime statistics. “So, you and your concertgoers should feel safe here,” Johnson tweeted.

But on May 13, two people were killed and three others injured in a shooting in Deep Ellum. Four days later, T-Pain announced on social media that he was taking his tour stop to Texas Trust CU Theater in Grand Prairie.

“I appreciate y’all for giving me a heads-up,” T-Pain said on social media. “Thank you to the mayor for stepping in and trying to reassure me, but we got to reschedule. It’s just that time.”

Bottled Blonde general manager Chase Irwin was not available for comment Tuesday morning. Also, Tuesday morning, T-Pain had not yet promoted the party on his social-media accounts.

Bottled Blonde is nearly a mile northwest of the Factory at the intersection of Swiss Avenue and North Good Latimer Expressway. The area has been described as “North Deep Ellum.”


Bar owner Les Corieri said last year that the location is on the outskirts of Deep Ellum.

“It’s what I call a tweener location, between Deep Ellum and Uptown,” Corieri said in 2021.

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