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I Was Just Thinking…w/ Norma Adams-Wade

Joining Norma Adams-Wade on “I Was Just Thinking” is Bob Lydia and Arthur Fleming – two former presidents of the Dallas Branch NAACP. Fleming’s interest in civil rights grew after he returned home as a VietNam veteran and experienced some of the nation’s hostility against VN vets. “I figured if I could fight for America, surely I could fight for Black people,” said Fleming, a Texas A&M University-Commerce business graduate. Lydia, a former U. S. Air Force weapons specialist, also is an NAACP local, state and national executive, an entrepreneur, civic leader, and board member of various City of Duncanville organizations. 

TOPICS: The two leaders will discuss whether the National Rifle Association’s hold on many conservative federal politicians may have led to the federal Senate’s refusal to pass gun control laws and the nation’s current increase in gun violence and mass shootings. …Ft. Worth’s Jubilee Theatre executives also will discuss their upcoming Juneteenth Weekend activities and the current play “If Pretty Hurts…”. TUNE IN WEDNESDAY AT 11AM on FACEBOOK or

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