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From Marva with Love: Tiffani Hutton

By Marva J. Sneed

Tiffani Hutton joined us on “From Marva with Love” recently. She is the founder of LUHU, a virtual assistance platform that connects entrepreneurs to executive assistants, providing seamless administrative support to senior leadership. She is known well in her field for providing quick administrative support and clear communication. Tiffani holds a Bachelor’s degree in social work from the UTA.

MS: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started on this journey?

TH: Before I became a virtual assistant I was a lead coordinator at a barbershop. I was greeting customers and clients all day every day. I noticed that the friendlier you are the better tips the stylist and barbers would receive. I transitioned to working from home when I was ready to be more focused on school.

Because it was easier on my schedule, I took a job as a virtual assistant with a company and they trained me formally how to be an assistant, how to do travel booking and expense reporting. About five years ago the company went under. All of a sudden over the weekend, it was 300 of us. We got an email saying the company is closed. We didn’t know if we would get your paycheck.


When God closes one door he opens another. I was able to start my own business. One of those main focuses that I wanted to narrow in on, the lack of care that didn’t exist in the administrative world. A lot of times when I was scheduling, it was cut and dry, no real humor or personality in it. So one of the things I want to focus on was just being personable, just being bright because people can appreciate when you genuinely care about them and their lives. And two, it’s a much better working relationship when you invest yourself in your client.

MS: Is what you do your passion or did your passion lead you to what you do?

TH: It was definitely my passion that led me. So with my degree being in social work, it was something that I made up in my mind when I was in middle school. Me at 12 and 13 years old, I just wanted to help people. And still with all this time passed I feel truly fulfilled with any aspect and anything that I’m doing. I’m involved in my church ministry. I just love helping people.

MS: What is the best advice you would give for young Black women?

TH: No apology. Be who you are naturally and authentic.


Hutton has a heart for her clients; she is a shoulder of support for them. Helping people is what she loves to do. Find her on LinkedIn; website:

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