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Police: 7 killed during joint operation in north

The Haitian Times 
By Onz Chery

Haitian police officers standing on guard
Haitian police officers standing on guard during an operation. Photo via Hurriyet Daily News

Police killed seven alleged gang members in a shootout in Morne Rouge, a communal section in the Northern Department May 8, the Haitian National Police (PNH) announced on social media

“We’re selling an image,” said Cap-Haitien’s Deputy Mayor Patrick Almonor about the Northern Department. “We don’t have room to store bandits. Anytime they take care of that, it’s good for us.”

One of the bandits killed was identified as Migdal Etienne Zetrenne, 23. He had moved to the area from Port-au-Prince where gang violence is rampant.

In fact, the bandits in Morne Rouge were reinforced by gang members from Port-au-Prince, Limbé, another northern commune, and the Artibonite Department. Their leader’s nickname is Boulé, or Burn, and the gang specializes in armed robbery, land invasion and kidnapping for ransom, according to the police.


Two bandits, Joseph Rodson and Belizaire Richardson, were arrested May 8. 

City Hall officials are planning a task force aimed to better combat insecurity May 10, Almonor said.

During the May 8 operation, the police said it confiscated four firearms, two “homemade weapons” and one motorcycle.

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