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QUIT PLAYIN: Run Jane, Run!

“If Johnson seeks another term, it would delay an expected free-for-all to replace her. In anticipation of her retirement, several contenders for the seat emerged. They included state Sen. Royce West of Dallas, state Rep. Eric Johnson of Dallas, and Jane Hamilton, chief of staff for U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey.”

– Dallas Morning News April 20, 2017
Jane and Family!
Jane and Family!

I ask that you vote for Jane Hope Hamilton, U.S. District 30. I like Jane because she always teaches me something.

But, first, let me give you some background.

As a boy living in Denison, Texas, in the 1960s, there wasn’t much excitement. The humble parsonage of the Mount Zion Baptist Church on Walker Street with my grandparents was my world. But one absolute pleasure for me as a first grader was reading.

Two books, styled especially for youngsters, have never left my psyche and were familiar to most kids my age. “Tip and Mitten” was one, and the other was “Dick and Jane.” But, of course, today, Texas Governor “Hot Wheels” would try to have the book banned or insist that educators change the name.

Richard and Jane may cut muster. But Dick would create a moral dilemma in this age of abiding ignorance and social upheaval. Any book title using Dick could cause civil unrest. If “gay’ is for-bidden in Florida, too many references to Dick could get you blacklisted in Texas.

Now, back to Jane.

It baffles me that The Dallas Morning News acknowledged Ms. Hamilton as a possible contender in the 30th Congressional district five years ago but failed to endorse her. Yet, insiders know her skill, value, and unflappable determination to touch lives and fix issues.

Jane Hamilton served as Chief of Staff and campaign manager for Congressman Marc Veasey, representing the 33rd Congressional District of Texas. In that role, she created the framework for implementing all political, legislative, and communication goals.

Overall, Hamilton has 17 years of success creating and leveraging strong political and government networks in public policy, electoral politics, and grassroots organizing to achieve strategic goals at the state, local, and federal government levels.

Jane’s legislative work spans from the Texas State Legislature to the Halls of Congress. She began her career as a legislative aide to Texas State Rep. Helen Giddings. She started her career in Washington, DC, a year later, serving on the U.S. House Rules Committee as a professional staffer to Ranking Member Martin Frost.

My first real experience with Jane was with District Attorney Craig Watkins. She ran his campaign and the Dallas Democrats delegation. As a result, Dallas elected the first Black DA; Dallas elected a jury box full of Black judges; and, the county went from Red to Blue.

That speaks volumes of her ability to devise complex strategies and gain the level of respect that leadership requires.

The girl is bad. Google “Black Girl Magic,” and Jane’s picture pops up!

I have not been shy about my support for her. So people who know me tell me what they think of her chances. One said she didn’t smile enough. Another said that she appeared too aggressive. And another said flippantly, “she is running against my Soror!” (Really in 2022?)

First, if you had a bird’s eye view of what we are facing as a race of people and a nation, you might not smile as much. Second, yo mama was aggressive! Case closed. Finally, we have got to stop mixing pleasure with politics. Dwaine Caraway was a part of a fraternity. Lots of them didn’t vote for him.

What? Too soon?

US30 will be a safe Black district until the next census. Who knows after 2032. Jane is our most qualified candidate by a landslide. We cannot afford to allow lobbyists and cryptocurrency speculators to come into this community with TV blitzes and shallow promises.

These wealthy ”Cryptomaniacs’ poured almost three million dollars into Jane’s opponents’ campaign. US30 is not a “redlight” district.

You can’t buy us, and we won’t be pimped. And yes, if Jane had taken the same money, I would call her “Bitcoin Barbie!”

My sister Gina, a long-time educator, explained why children learn from Dick and Jane. She says the series employs a simple but successful pedagogy.

“Rote learning” uses predictable text that builds the memory muscle and establishes patterns for early childhood readers.

So let me try it. Run Jane Run. See Jane Run. Win Jane, Win!

Vincent L. Hall is an author, activist, and an award-winning columnist.
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Vincent L. Hall is an author, activist, and award-winning columnist.


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