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Dominican Republic tries to regulate thousands of Haitian workers

By The Haitian times 

batey in Dominican Republic
Photo of a batey in Dominican Republic, where most of the workers are Haitian.

Dominican Republic —  Dominican Republic officials are drawing up new plans to regulate the number of Haitians working in the Dominican Republic, reported Diario Libre.

Under the new arrangement being implemented by the National Migration Council, Consejo Nacional de Migración in Spanish, an undocumented Haitian worker could be given a Non-Resident Temporary Worker migratory status. The status would be valid for one year, after which, if not renewed, the worker would have to return to Haiti. 

Undocumented Haitian workers who do not register under the new plan would be fined. According to a 2021 report of the Dominican Republic’s agricultural industry, more than 90% of agricultural workers in the Dominican Republic are foreigners. Of that number, a majority are from neighboring Haiti.


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