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THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW: Senior VP And Chief Diversity Officer, FedEx Express Shannon A. Brown

By Valder Beebe

Shannon A. Brown
Shannon A. Brown

In the Valder Beebe Show studios to discuss national hiring challenges and unique solutions, Shannon A. Brown is the Senior Vice President of Eastern Division U.S. Operations and Chief Diversity Officer at FedEx Express. FedEx the world’s largest express transportation company. In this role, Brown is responsible for station, hub and ramp operations in the eastern U.S. region. As Chief Diversity Officer, his work also includes maintaining an effective diversity and inclusion environment where every team member is valued andhas an equal opportunity to succeed. Brown embodies the company’s shared commitment “to make every FedEx experience outstanding” and through his leadership has established a workforce dedicated to delivering the best customer service.

Shannon’s background also includes service as past Chairman of the Board for United Way of the Mid-South. His outstanding professional and civic leadership achievements have brought him to the forefront of media attention. Brown has been named to Black Enterprise magazine’s lists of “100 Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America” and “Top Executives in Corporate Diversity,” as well as Savoy magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential Executives in Corporate America.” He is also a member of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) and was featured in Forbes magazine’s “Diversity at the Top” edition honoring the ELC’s 30th anniversary. Brown is a recipient of the National-Louis University Distinguished Alumni Award and was inducted into the Memphis City Schools Alumni Hall of Fame. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from National-Louis University in Chicago and a master’s degree from the University of Denver. – Shannon Brown publicists provided text in conjunction with the Valder Beebe Show

VBS: Shannon you are a long time FedEx employee. Have you experienced a hiring shortage like this before?

SB: Yes, I’ve been an employee for a long time and this hiring shortage is the first of its kind.


VBS: How is FedEx addressing this shortage?

SB: With the increase demand with on-line shopping, we have gotten spoiled with good coming to our home. With this demand we have accelerated our hiring needed. With this demand we have enhanced our hiring packages especially with benefits.

VBS: When you say your compensation package are comparable, do they only compete with the completion or exceed what is being offered?

SB: Yes, our packages are competitive. We do a market analysis to make sure we are competitive. I’ve been here forty-three years and that is what has kept me here [competitive wages] and allowed me to succeed.

VBS: How can other companies that may not be as big as FedEx, since your company seems to have tapped into a solution, how do they get new employees on board?


SB: We maybe competing for the same employees, so ………………………

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