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This Duo Doesn’t Stop

Yarbrough & Peoples celebrate 40 years of music

By Eva D. Coleman
Lifestyle & Culture Editor

Production Studios award from Veynell Warren
Yarbrough and Peoples accept Warren Production Studios award from Veynell Warren

The crowd of a few hundred was well-seasoned and well-dressed. Some showed up with the assistance of canes, while others moved slowly down the aisles to their seats.

Still, they all stood and swayed when the hit by legendary couple Cavin Yarbrough and Alisa Peoples of Yarbrough & Peoples fame came on. It was a night in celebration of 40 years of music by the Dallas duo whose song, Don’t Stop the Music, has transcended ages.

This Duo

From city and state level proclamations, including presentation of a flag flown at the capitol in Austin from Texas House of Representatives member Yvonne Davis, many paid tribute in-person and via recorded testimonials.

Special musical guests sang popular Yarbrough & Peoples’ hits as well as other music from the 1980s era in which their music topped the charts.


This November 6, 2021 in the Naomi Bruton Theater at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) was deeply personal and intimate. Many recalled moments with the couple, of which they fondly referred to Peoples as “Lois” from her middle name Delois, and correctly said “KAYVIN” for Cavin’s name which is often mispronounced.

Writer and actress Tammy Thomas offered a sneak peek into Yarbrough & Peoples’ acting debut in her upcoming film The Rings that Bind Us in which they both play her parents. The chemistry between them on-screen was just as heartwarming and entertaining as in real-life. They tried something new. They don’t stop.

During music legend Bobby Patterson’s tribute, he jokingly shared how he was told by someone that “They won’t stop ‘til the casket drop” to which the crowd laughed.

Legendary radio personalities Lynne Haze and Michael “Hollywood” Hernandez traded duties as event emcees. During the program, it was also shared that Yarbrough and Peoples both hold honorary doctorate degrees from Grace International Seminary. Veynell Warren, pastor of Believers International Ministries and founder and CEO of Warren Production Studios, presented them with an award.

This Duo

When Yarbrough and Peoples took to the stage to perform, Alisa’s first words were to “Thank God for the anointing.”


They brought their undeniable talent and energy that brought the crowd to their feet. Don’t Stop the Music lyrics say, “I just wanna rock you all night long.” They did just that. Love live music.

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