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No Time To Die

After 24 previous James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig the last one with Craig in the lead has to go out with a bang; and that’s exactly what we get with NO TIME TO DIE. This movie seems to restart the series with a crueler and meaner Bond. This Bond kicks butt without any apprehension about what’s right or wrong.

Again in this movie Bond was retired when he was requested by his old C.I.A. friend Felix, played by Jeffrey Wright to help with the case. He was also sent a female agent from the M16 Secret Service to convince Bond to enlist.

Rami Malek plays the evil villain in the movie, who like most evil villains in Bond movies, wants world domination. There is a lot going on this movie but mainly it’s the spectacular action scenes that keep you enthralled. More so than any previous 007 movie the action is amazing.

The ending comes as a surprise and you’ve got to stay to the very end for a major announcement about James Bond. It’s a different James Bond and I think you’ll like him.

The movie runs a little long (2 hours and 43 minutes) and it’s rated
PG-13. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate NO TIME TO DIE a JUMBO.

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Hollywood Hernandez is a movie critic and radio personality and consultant.


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