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Hey reader family. I want to remind you that my Big Mama lessons are poured into me via the experiences by All the women in my life family, my mom, my aunt, my sisters even my numerous community wives. My beloved grandmother, Lucille “Big Mama” Allen, shared a lot, and so did many women.

First, let me say establish one point I always say when I am speaking. “Men raise a son, but women raise a nation. Yes, women historically ran the community as the unsung managers that lifted the community up and wholeheartedly support the Black male leaderships! And yes, the paper has showcased 100s of Superb Women. Yes, I have a story to share, right.

Big Mama told me over and over again to respect not just your elders, but especially the women in the community.

When I asked why, she said. “When you are challenged during your journey, look to the women you know to surround you with reminders of how to be the best version of you.”

In our Ancient African culture, women set the tone for nourishment and planted the seeds for male leadership.


It is a known fact that each of us enter our growth with a God driven ability to receive and withstand challenges. Yet, life assures you that you can only mitigate challenges though trials and tribulations only.

So they only way to manage the obstacles in your path is to have some accomplished and experienced allies in your village- the women. Brother, when you truly understand the power, vitality and resilience of the women in the village you will choose to uplift and celebrate the ‘superb’ women in your life.

This column is dedicated to the “superb women” on my Personal Board of Directors. So this is a shout-out to all my community wives who have been game- -changers in mentoring, empowerment and leadership. You know who you are – email me to let me know you got this! I close with this one quote from attorney Eboni K. Williams, the first Black women to be added to the RHONY.

She said, “It is my divine honor and privilege to be a Black woman.”

So to my seed planting community wives, I see you! E-mail me at


Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media. Reach him at

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Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media. Reach him at


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