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On this date in history – September 21

September 21 – On this date in history:

1784 – Pennsylvania Packet & Daily Advertiser 1st success US daily newspaper;

1814 – Andrew Jackson issued Proclamation at Mobile, Ala., urging free Blacks “to rally around the standard of the eagle” in the War of 1812.;

1832 – On this date in 1832, Maria W. Stewart (1803-1879) addressed the New England Anti-Slavery Society meeting in Boston’s Franklin Hall on the evils of slavery and the oppression of free blacks. This is often cited as the first time an African American woman spoke publicly on political issues before an audience of Black and White men and women. In future speeches, Stewart also advanced women’s rights;

1872 – John Henry Conyers of South Carolina became the first Black student at Annapolis Naval Academy. He later resigned.


1891 – Inventor, FW Leslie, patents the envelope seal, 1891;

1905– Atlanta Life Insurance Company was founded, 1905;

1957 – “Perry Mason” with Raymond Burr premieres on CBS-TV;

1966 – Jimmy Hendrix changes spelling of his name to Jimi;

1970 – New York Times starts first modern op-ed page.;


1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor confirmed as 1st female Supreme Court Justice;

1981 – Steve Carlton strikes out NL record 3,118th (Andre Dawson);

1989 – General Colin Powell named Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff and takes office on October 1; 2007

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