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Devin hired as Special Concierge and Site Director


Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price recently announced the latest addition to the recently opened South Dallas Government Center (SDGC), “After a thorough search, we have been fortunate to hire Devin for Special Concierge and Site Director Position.”

According to Mr. Price, Devin will assume his responsibilities immediately.

“The Special Concierge and Site Director is newly created but a highly valued component of our facility management strategy.”

When asked why he wanted this coveted role, Devin was very clear and concise. The 20- year-old was adamant that his life’s goal was to get a job of his own.

The SDGC displays the art, history, culture of the South Dallas community. The 73,000 square foot facility on the north end houses the Justice of the Peace Courts and Constable’s office in Precinct 1, the Dallas County Sheriff Patrol, the Dallas County Tax office, and Dallas County Veterans Services.

The best news is that Devin will be available to direct many of our visitors to their destination.

The Commissioner said, “We could not be more proud of our latest personnel acquisition!”

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