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MY TRUTH: I am not a scientist

Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Smith in Mask

I’ve been in the air quite a bit recently: Miami, Chicago, DC and Fort Lauderdale. It has been important for me to mix pleasure with business as we continue to navigate and survive as we strive for a peaceful existence during these times of a pandemic, social injustices, headline-grabbing trials and mask mania/rage/hysteria.

Wherever I go, when I mention that I live in Texas, the conversation takes on a different tone. The tone is not unfamiliar to me because there have been so many times that I have been asked to speak for Black people. But to speak for Texans, to explain some of the nonsensical actions of those in power; well I “ain’t got time for that!”

  • I do not, cannot, will not speak for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.
  • I do not, cannot, will not speak for the Texas Republicans who are annihilating Democrats in Austin and further disenfranchising Texas voters.
  • I do not, cannot, will not speak for Texas Democrats who boldly left the State to avoid a vote on suppressive voting only to abandon the leverage they had and return home to pass the bill.
  • I do not, cannot, will not speak for Texans who don’t vote.
  • AND, while I won’t get into it with those who won’t take the COVID vaccine; I do not, cannot, will not speak for those who can’t wait to put on a Halloween or Mardi Gras mask but will fight you about wearing a mask.

So with over 633,786 deaths attributed to COVID-19 on death certificates, according to the Center for Disease Control, people have to make a decision about what they want to do.

They say you can’t live for everyone, but I have to live for myself and the people I care about, who happen to be everyone.

Which brings me to my truth.

Therefore, I will wear a mask. I will encourage others around me to wear a mask or I distance myself.

I went to college to be a journalist. I have the receipts to prove it.

I also have receipts that show I didn’t do too well in biology or physical science; so what I am going to do is use my journalistic research skills and find some scientists who can educate me on the topic.

I don’t reach out to Dr. Google or Dr. Wikipedia.

There are people who spent numerous hours and years studying for a time such as this.

The person you need to talk to may not be your homie, a relative or even a classmate, because if your classmate is failing those science classes, you won’t know.

If wearing a mask keeps down the drama, heck, just for giggle sake; act like you are going to a party and wear it. Think about someone other than yourself, because “oops” doesn’t mean a thing and no-one wants to hear “I’m sorry” when your non-symptomatic self has someone laid up on a ventilator.

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