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MY TRUTH: Are you enjoying this “different world?”

I know my parents love me,
Stand behind me come what may.
I know now that I’m ready,
Because I finally heard them say
It’s a different world than where you come from

Here’s a chance to make it,
If we focus on our goals.
If you dish it we can take it,
Just remember you’ve been told
It’s a different world,
It’s a different world,
Than where you come from
Than where you come from

Theme from “A Different World”

If I had my druthers, every generation would be forced to watch the 1980s-1990s hit TV show, “A Different World,” where life, social issues, love and more were the themes focused on during “The Cosby Show” spinoff that highlighted experiences on an HBCU campus.

Different World

Sure times change and yes, we are seeing the signs of changing times. Unfortunately some of those signs leave much to be desired and are in direct contradiction to some really sound social practices.

Today it is definitely a different world. We should ask our- selves, is it better now; in terms of home training, common decency, respect, protocol and governing yourself accordingly?


Some might say the aforementioned are attributes that are not too much to ask for in a so-called civilized society.

It was actor Michael Moriarty, as Executive Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone in the popular TV series, “Law and Order,” who told a defendant, “And in polite society, Sir, you don’t call people by their first name unless they ask you to – I didn’t do that. You’re not a friend, and you’re certainly not a colleague.”

Today some folks don’t have a problem with children who can barely pronounce their name, calling them by their first name or participating in conversations that should be way above their “pay grade.”

Gone are the days when “children are seen and not heard and come when called.” Today, we’re all “equals,” until someone gets into trouble!

While there are cultures that say that age is not a prerequisite for reverence and there are cultures that practice respect of elders; I would say that respect of ones self will figure significantly into how others are treated by you.


In “A Different World,” I loved the cross-generational interactions. Young adults appeared to want to impress their “elders” and they revered and sometimes were afraid or intimidated by them. Best behavior was the order of the day. It was the only way!

Growing up for me, discipline was real. I saw it in other families, as well.

And yes, there were times when we heard about those disciplining in a manner that may not have been in accordance with what would be considered decent and appropriate, as well as humane.

Therefore, balance is the order of the day. Our young can not run amuck without any regard for consequences and repercussions and our children are not slaves (get my drift?)

Folks in their 20s to late 30s have told me that they are into their “feelings.” So any checking or calling attention to inappropriateness now be- comes “bullying,” “microagressions” or “shaming.”


It’s definitely a live and let live world.

Now that’s not to say that there haven’t been clashes for centuries and there will be forever; however it is imperative that we have some sense of decency — but who decides what is decent?

Years ago, Psychologist Dr. Julia Hare said:

“When they made our parents afraid of disciplining the children. Then what happened? We found out that the teachers was afraid of the principal, the principals were afraid of the superintendent, superintendent was scared of the school board, school board was scared of the parents, parents was scared of the children – and the children ain’t scared of nobody.”

A lesson for my crew, when they tried to block me on social media: I’ll show you a different world! When your butt gets into trouble, call your friends, followers and fans!


Then I quoted the late, great, comedian Bernie Mac for them!!!

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