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Mayors hold Press Call in Support of Congress Advancing Core Elements of the Build Back Better Agenda

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Manchester, NH Mayor Joyce Craig, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, and Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards highlight the real-world impacts of the Build Back Better Agenda and how it will make long-term, lasting investments in America’s social, civic, and physical infrastructure.
Mayor Eric Johnson

Mayors representing cities from across the country hosted a press call Thursday celebrating the advancement of key elements of the Build Back Better Agenda by Congress earlier this week — and calling on Congress to finish the deal in the weeks ahead.

Joining the call were Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Manchester, NH, Mayor Joyce Craig, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, and Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards.

The Build Back Better Agenda would deliver historic investments in American families and cities — creating jobs, cutting taxes, lowering healthcare, childcare, and education expenses for working families, and investing in clean energy jobs, workforce training, teachers, schools, and our aging transportation infrastructure.

Mayor Johnson, who recently wrote about the need for bipartisan action on such investments, highlighted the child tax credit and how it could help families in Dallas and across the country.

“At the heart of the Build Back Better Agenda is the idea that, to remain competitive in a changing world, we must invest both in our infrastructure and in opportunities for our people to thrive,” Mayor Johnson said. “This is about our communities, not about partisanship. In Dallas, we know that making strategic and holistic investments now will help our city — which drives the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country — build a much brighter future for our families, our neighborhoods, and our businesses.”


Moderating the call, Mayor Dyer noted that “our economy has added four million jobs over the past six months – and right now, our economic growth is leading the world’s advanced economies. But to win the future, we need to take the next step. All of this might seem like vague, inside-the-beltway talking points. But the purpose behind our call today is for mayors to bring this all back home – what does the Build Back Better Agenda mean for America’s cities and our constituents?”

“While the details of the plan are being drafted in Washington, the policy framework of the Agenda offers clear hope and promise for America’s cities – so our message here today is this – we encourage Congress to finish the deal in the coming weeks,” added Dyer.

Mayor Craig highlighted the Agenda’s important provisions relating to affordable housing. “Affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Manchester residents. It’s a complex issue, but we know access to housing is critical to the success of a community and its residents,” said Mayor Joyce Craig. “The opportunities to expand access to housing in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will allow Manchester to expand federal subsidies, make investments to upgrade aging units, and develop new housing options for our residents.”

“Mayors have a responsibility to provide services that enable all communities to thrive, beginning with our youth. And President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda will help us to deliver those resources at the local level by making significant federal investments in our students, our teachers, and our schools,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “Tacoma is known as the City of Destiny, and the Build Back Better Agenda will ensure our teachers and youth have the tools they need to realize their full potential and fulfill their destinies.”

“The conversations in DC have real consequences and impacts on the communities of the nation. Lansing has tremendous infrastructure needs, and the support being discussed at the federal level will help transform our city and provide the long-needed resources for needed updates. Lansing is the Capital City of Michigan, and residents and visitors need and expect improvements for roads and sidewalks, updated water infrastructure, efficient and effective electrical infrastructure, and so many other physical and civic infrastructure needs. The rubber meets the road in our cities and local communities, and we are excited for the federal government to finally engage with infrastructure assistance. But the Build Back Better agenda needs to be passed now…we can’t wait any longer,” said Mayor Schor.


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