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In the hood they call him ‘Brother’

Meet Nation of Islam Student Minister Alshaheed Muhammad
Minister Alshaheed Muhammad with members of the Nation of Islam
Credit: NOI

Since its founding in 1930, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has a rich history of compelling leadership serving the Black community throughout America.

These leaders, or “student ministers” as they are referred to in the NOI, are under the command of an eternal leader, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and now The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, who governs from the Chicago headquarters which oversees over 120 mosques and study groups. The mosques are the base of operations in each city, where their own schools, businesses, and activities dispatch from. Many notable ministers have been pivotal in various chapters of the Black experience historically.

Whether it was Malcolm X; Abdul Rahman, who was responsible for recruiting world boxing champ, Muhammad Ali; Louis Farrakhan who rebuilt the Nation after the departure of its eternal leader, and under his leadership Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Dr. Ava Muhammad and many more.

This legacy is also rich in the Dallas area with names like Isiah Karriem in the 70s, to Carl Muhammad and Jeffery Muhammad, the community has benefitted from whomever the student minister of Muhammad Mosque No.48 was.

Now at the helm is Brother Alshaheed Muhammad, a youthful and energetic spirit that is the student minister located in South Dallas, on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The mosque is a pillar of the neighborhood and has long been known as beacon of strength for Black Dallas.

“My interaction with Brother Shaheed is positive. On an as-needed basis anything I have needed support on he has been there,” said Dallas City Councilman Casey Thomas of Student Min. Muhammad who has been working tirelessly to raise the condition of the people of downtrodden Dallas since his appointment as student minister of Mosque 48 four plus years ago.

Since the onset of the pandemic, under Bro. Alshaheed’s administration the Mosque has distributed thousands of hot meals, pallets of milk, and water; serving South Dallas and Oak Cliff.

Fruit of Islam, Student Min. Muhammad and Robert Ashley at KHVN -AM
Credit: NOI

Dr. Toney Johnson said he has actively witnessed Muhammad’s work and is so proud of what he is accomplishing.

“The education and community programs he and brothers have implemented in the area are to be commended. He has also led efforts to ensure justice while simultaneously working with police departments to improve relationships between communities and officers. I am honored to have him as a friend and brother,” said Dr. Johnson.

Muhammad is a graduate of Langston University, and presides over his own business as an educator; teaching children STEM-inspired curriculum at his school, Engineers of Tomorrow, located in DeSoto. One parent said of her son who attends Muhammad’s school, “I saw improvement in his behavior after one week.”

Muhammad says the words of his teacher, The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan has kept him focused, balancing his position over Mosque 48, the love and care of his wife and family, and his business.

“When I first got on the post, I was at the home of The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan and he asked me to stand up amongst all of his other student ministers that were present and read a scripture. The scripture was Matthew 6:24, “no man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one or love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other, for you cannot serve God and Mammon, which represents prosperity teaching,” said Muhammad, adding that his ministry is all about people building.

Student Min. Muhammad, Commissioner John Wiley Price, and Student Protocol Dir. Julian Muhammad
Credit: NOI

Mosque 48’s student protocol director, Julian Muhammad, bears witness to the student minister’s people-building skills. “He visits the shut-in whether it’s in the hospitals, incarcerated or just a friendly visit to their home. He has a sincere interest for the Black community and people overall wellbeing,” he said.

Dr. Derrick Love knows this of his Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brother. “He has a voice to ignite change, and is a catalyst for so much unity, he brings people together,” said Dr. Lowe.

Muhammad has been a major force in the implementation of unity in Dallas, working closely with several churches, and organizations like Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; whose chapter is located next door to Mosque 48. Muhammad is also a hip-hop artist working to unite that
community as well.

For this student minister, he plans to focus on continuing the efforts of growing The Nation of Islam here in Dallas, while serving the community. “We have had 70 new members since my being appointed to this post. We plan to unite with any organization that has a genuine love for our people,” said Muhammad.

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