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As your weekly Talk Diva on Love A Natural Me we discuss many topics. I have mentioned on the show that I work from home as a Social Media Manager and Web Developer. As I thoroughly enjoy being able to work from home I know that the dynamics of being able to be flexible in this way would greatly assist others. Do from time to time I talk about companies that are hiring at home agents (or work for at home positions) I love assisting women (and men) find legal options to bring income other than the traditional 9 to 5 by way of one of my blogs Pay TheMany women (and men) are sick of the 40 plus hours that they put in to work each and every week. They feel unappreciated and underpaid for the amount of time they put in while missing their children and/or anything else they no longer have time for. Working from home allows you to still have a lucrative career without sacrificing your children, dreams and goals. More and more Moms (and dads) are turning to telecommute positions, starting their own businesses, network marketing, Internet marketing, MLM and much more to bring in an income.
Here are a few reasons why working from a home office is becoming so popular.
1. Eliminate Daycare Expenses
When you work from a home office you can schedule your work time around the level of activity within your home. Some from home office opportunities are flexible giving you control of the hours you work while some telecommute jobs have set hours, typically customer service or call center positions.
The main reason I preferred working from home was to be there for my children allowing me to home school and protect them from the world. This way I knew exactly who and what my children were exposed to since they would be in an environment that I was providing for them (I have since then lightened up in this area- thanks to hubby and family). I now have them in charter school since my workload has picked up and my children are a little older. A work from home flexible schedule also helps those who experience guilt when you have to miss basketball games, dance recitals or other important events because “the boss” won’t let you off.
2. Money
The amount of money you make is only limited by your imagination and the amount of time and work you are willing to put into it. I have settled into a niche that has become lucrative for me.  I am now a personal Social Media Manager and I manage the social networks of small business accounts in my local area. A light bulb went off in my husband’s head to turn this into a business when he saw me perform these functions for people I already knew (especially as the number of clients continued to grow).
However, you could be a blogger who does reviews, an affiliate marketer, MLM marketer, a niche website owner, traffic exchange owner, eBook, writer and so much more. It’s up to you what you decide to get involved in. You could even create a “job” for yourself. “As you go the more you grow” then you can add to what you already do. Did you know people get paid to teach or coach others? The sky really is the limit.
3. Happiness.
Most people do not enjoy getting up early in the morning, getting their children up (which are usually HARD or should I say DEEP sleepers) to drop them off at the daycare center and/or make sure they are up and at school on time before heading sitting in traffic and then at work for 8 plus hours, only to repeat this again the next day. These moms (and dads) live for the weekend because it is the only time for themselves and their family. Working from your home office you may decide to start your day at the time you would like to start your day. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to get your children up and make sure they get out to school on time however the element of rush and dreading your job is not there.
4. Control.
You decide the ins and outs while figuring out what is going to work for you or not. Initially your schedule may vary from week to week. The point is you have the say in it.  At a 9 to 5 you don’t have those choices.  Now remember some work from home jobs are just like a 9 to 5 that you have to commute to but the benefit is you are still at home in your pajamas or even by the pool. If you are thinking of becoming a work at home Mom (or dad), make sure you research to figure out what it is you would like to do. Take a little time to learn how to do things you want to do and like to do, and then go for it! If you need support or someone to bounce your ideas off of contact me at www.YBTurner.com
Here is one more self-explanatory reason:
5. Save Gas!
With that being said here are this month’s income from home opportunities to check out:
Care2 Causes
Care2 Causes is a site that shares your passions and is making the world a better place. With over 22 million members and 400 non-profit partners, Care2 is the largest and most trusted online community empowering people to lead healthier, more sustainable lifestyles while taking action on important causes.
Care2 Causes is seeking bloggers to write for its Real Food section including but not limited to: food policy, health food tips, vegan/vegetarian issues, other current food news.
The requirements are as follows: Must be knowledgeable, insightful and passionate/Excellent writing skills/Ability to use WordPress or similar management tool/Timely, relevant content is key; minimum 500 words per post, original content
Compensation for this position is $50 per post.
If you would like to apply you can send at least 3 examples of your published work and a short professional bio. Put your name in the subject line and send to: causes@care2team.com
Yvette Brooks is a natural woman, sister, wife and mother of 3 (biologically anyway). She is a lover of the arts in its many forms while working from home as a web-mistress and social media manager. Her at home business is called YBTurner Social Media Services   www.YBTurner.com. She is also hosts an online radio show called LoveANaturalMe.info on Cheryl’s Worlds (www.blogtalkradio.com/cherylsmith every Wednesday 6 – 8pm CST).
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